Capt (Ret’d) Anton Topilnyckyj (Prayer Coordinator)

Married to my childhood sweetheart, together we have grown to realize how God’s grace and mercy works in marriage. We have four children and, so far, seven grandchildren. We have felt blessed to be part of the military family and know God has used both our personalities and characteristics to share His hope with our serving and retired brothers and sisters and their families. In addition to responsibilities with the MCF, I am presently serving in Miramichi New Brunswick as the pastor of Miramichi Wesleyan Church.

I joined the universal green forces in 1974 as a Supply technician thinking I was Air Force. However, upon arrival at 4 Combat Engineering Regiment in Lahr Germany, the Regimental Sergeant Major ceremoniously removed my wedge cap from my head indicating I would no longer need it. Accepted into the university training plan, I attended RMC and upon graduation served as an Army Logistic Officer and Ammunition Officer until an injury forced me out. I remained a member of the DND as a Human resources Officer serving the Nay in Halifax until my call to the Miramichi area.

I believe in the necessity and power of prayer. I have witnessed lives transformed, broken spirits calmed, and hope found by the broken because they chose to speak to God and listen for His response. We believe in the mission God has given the MCF which is to take the Good News to our military community. I encourage you to find a way to reach out to our military family and bring the light into their lives.