Can I talk?

While in London, an English writer wrote: “As I walk the streets of London Town, its beauty struck me, but so did the absence of God. People seemed focused on everything else but Him. This was an age of coarseness and brutality, and the idea that England was a Christian nation was more fiction than reality”. 

Those words can describe any city around the world. Sit and people-watch. As people stream by, you will notice that most are oblivious to the world around them. Few make eye contact, many bump into others, and most have parcels from the shops they visited. I noted four types of people as I sat there wondering how they would find Jesus. Type one has earbuds, eyes looking to the ground, and a quick, steady walking pace. No one was talking with them. Type two walked as if on a runway. They were flaunting whatever extreme fashion accessory they had on, stopping to make a scene and have their picture taken, and then moving on to their next posing station. Although they circled the area for attention, no one talked to them. Group three were gawkers, either staring or pointing at the sites, including the extremely dressed or styled. They acted as if they were standing outside to what was happening around them and moved too quickly to talk with anyone. Group four were the bold. They stared you down and dared you to speak with them. You could not tell if they would break into a rage or become your best friend. They approached you quickly, asked you a series of almost impossible questions to follow, and then moved on. 

Easter is just a few days away and you may be wondering, “Is there anyone to share Jesus with?” How could anyone talk with those groups about anything as important as Jesus when they all seemed lost in their world? Yet, we read stories of all types of people coming to know Jesus. We may have been one of those groups ourselves. We need to pray and ask God to use us to share His truth. We need to ask the Holy Spirit to prepare the way for us.   These seemingly impossible people are not unlike the ones in our neighbourhoods, workplaces or even in our families. God can prepare them to know Jesus and use us to share Jesus.  

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