Be Changed

MCF - ANTON - 2016-01-08

We are one week into 2016 and some are feeling disappointed at breaking a resolution that may have been linked to eating healthier, practicing fitness, and maybe spending less.  Some may have even desired to seek change in their spiritual health by wanting to adopt prayer and scripture reading habits.  Once these resolutions were identified it was almost certain that the evil one set about to cause people to break their resolutions affecting their hope that change is possible.  He probably even placed these resolutions in our minds by using guilt and then used nothing more that distracting us with day to day life activities to cause us to break them in record speed.

When we become followers of Christ we were introduced to the fundamentals of discipleship which included scripture reading, prayer and being in relationship with a Christian community.  We were taught that when we seek God the Holy Spirit offers encouragement and can prompt us to participate in activities that honour God.  We are told the Holy Spirit can help us make choices that affect our temperament.  Change such, as peace, gentleness, and self-control as well as an ability to see the world differently, can be part of our character.  Transformation into Christ-likeness is a gift from God given to those who intentionally seek to love Him with all their heart and with all their soul and with all their strength.  Desiring to love God and neighbour as well as live a pure life can become attributes of a disciple willing to listen and serve God.   Keeping a resolution to serve God can be achieved if we seek God’s guidance to show us what and how to be changed.

It is possible that we break our resolutions too soon because we did not think about what or why we really wanted to change.  We do not want to give up on resolutions especially with regards to growing a relationship with God.  So adopt a new mindset.  Start again and instead of making a list of things you think you need to change now, let God define the list through-out the year.  Humbly, go to the altar and seek the Holy Spirit’s love to reveal the areas where change will bring glory to God.  Use your prayers as the means to hear and obey.  Don’t pray to try to influence God to change you but let God influence you to change.  Believe and rely on the truth and the power of prayer.  Let the Holy Spirit work with you.