A Note of Thanks & A Request

Today, the 1st of December, is Giving Tuesday, which I am sure is not a surprise. Like you, I have received numerous notices in the lead up to today letting me know that this day is the time to turn our thoughts towards non-profits and charitable organizations and consider providing your preferred agencies with an end-of-the-year contribution. For those of you who have done so already I offer my sincere thanks. The causes that you support could not accomplish what they are called to do without you.

Since, you are receiving this notice I know that you have a heart for what the MCF seeks to accomplish as well. We have been given a simple mission – bring the gospel to the military community at home and abroad. To this mission the MCF team has been unrelentingly dedicated. While COVID-19 has closed the doors of many institutions, the MCF has expanded its ministry footprint through the online environment. We have an established online men’s discipleship model; we have been preparing to launch a January 2021 online women’s discipleship group; we have held an online seminar in partnership with Ellel Ministries Canada aimed at bringing Christ-centered healing to those suffering from trauma; we are in our second season of running online Alpha courses and have established both Eastern Canada and a Western Canada-based teams; we are in the early stages of participating with Ottawa Innercity Ministries to reach homeless veterans with the love of Christ, and we are beginning the planning for a 2021 seminar on bi-vocational ministry for military community members. There is a lot to get excited about.  But… we need more.

We need more of the Holy Spirit to move in the lives of military community members drawing them to Jesus. We need more of the Holy Spirit’s power in the lives of those who are serving so that they will not grow weary, but rather be increasingly energized to accomplish what God is placing before us to do each day. We need more of your prayers of intercession for the lost, the broken hearted, and the workers who bring the message of Jesus. And we also need your financial support.

If you have already completed your allocation of charitable giving for the year, then again, I express to you gratitude for your generosity to those needy organizations.  If you have the capacity to give more then please consider the MCF and its work to bring the gospel to the military community.  There is no other entity in Canada that is exclusively focused on this mission. We have only one staff member and the rest of the team are bi-vocational volunteers. We have no buildings, and we have no inventory thus our expenses are kept low. But we have a big mission, and a consuming passion for our Lord and His call to reach the military community, and we do need your help.  Please consider supporting the MCF financially, today.

Sincerely and with gratitude,
Gerry Potter
Colonel (Retired)
The MCF of Canada