A New Password

“You will seek me and find me
when you seek me with all your heart.” 

   Jeremiah 29:13

How many passwords are you trying to remember at this moment? There’s the bank card, the credit card, the on-line banking, work and home e-mail, your iTunes account, security systems and probably several more. We want to make our passwords as difficult as possible for a hacker to access our information, but we need to create something we will remember. We know people who are great with remembering passwords, while others forget them within seconds of changing them.

I offer no hints on how to remember passwords but can share the most practical and vital password you should remember to get access to all the power of the universe. Our other passwords will give us access to things we think we need for our daily living, but this password will get us access to eternity living. So, what is the password? It is ……PRAY …. and to access God you can start using it by saying: Father or Holy Spirit or Jesus or Loving or Great or Master or Wonderful or even aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

Prayer is the purposeful act of talking with God and sharing our thoughts and expressing our feelings. It is also listening for Him to respond. It is a connecting activity that allows us to tell God what is on our mind and for Him to tell us what is on His. It is a way to maintain a relationship. There are some great books about prayer, as well as some great examples of people who have a comfortable prayer life. However, prayer is meant to be experienced and not necessarily studied.

Examine a good relationship that you have and think about why it is working. We can communicate with those around us and then, they can communicate with us. We talk – they listen. They talk – we listen. When we speak kindly, they act kindly, and when we enjoy the relationship, we try to learn about the other person and try to spend more time with them. Whatever we are doing right in that situation, we can apply to our relationship with God. Communicate out of love, respect and honour. Talk and listen. Learn about Him by reading the Word. We will begin to pray when we lead with our hearts and not our minds. We need this password to have access to God.

Seek God. Trust God. Connect with God. Pray.