A message from the President

One of the reasons that the apostle Paul wrote the book of Romans was to garner support for his intended missionary trip to Spain, a place that he had longed to visit so that he might bring the gospel to them.  It is clear from Paul’s teachings that the communication of the gospel is not a solo activity but one that is meant to involve the church.  For those who have been part of the Christian church for a while, there is familiarity with the concept of sending and supporting people to do what Paul was committed to doing – bringing the gospel to those who need to hear it.

The MCF came into existence in the mid 1970s for one mission, to bring the gospel to the Canadian military community at home and abroad.  Members of the MCF have involved themselves in many different initiatives to further the mission and God has blessed these efforts, yet these efforts have not been well linked with sending or supporting churches.  Earlier this year, the MCF reflected on the practice of Paul and made the observation that the Biblical model for the mission of the MCF was similar to that which Paul established – garner the support of churches and organizations who are like-minded.  Being like-minded simply means having the same faith as described in the Bible and sharing the desire to see members of the Canadian military community come to faith in Jesus Christ.

The MCF has incorporated Paul’s methodology by approaching churches and organizations to become ministry partners.  A ministry partner will provide support by the provision of prayer and resources.  As of this fall, there are three churches that have decided to become more intentional about reaching the military community and have formally entered into partnership with the MCF.  These churches are: Trailhead Baptist Church in Petawawa, Ontario; Harvest Bible Chapel in Barrie Ontario; and Reverent Church in Halifax, Nova Scotia.   These churches are military family friendly; they understand the unique culture and challenges of the community and they share a profound love for this community’s members.

I ask you to pray for these churches, that God would grant them abundant favour and increase their ministry into the military community, and that together we will see lives changed forever through the communication of the gospel.  I also ask that you approach the leadership of your church and ask them to consider the mission field called the Canadian military community and suggest that they too join the mission with us.  I would be grateful for the opportunity to share the vision with them.

Until All…