MCF – “Star Top Group” – lunch hour study

This study  comes from the weekly Ottawa MCF group at Star Top.  
Here is a brief summary of our discussion this morning:

While in Jerusalem for one of the Jewish feasts, Jesus healed a lame man at Bethesda.  Because this “work” was done on the Sabbath, the Pharisees were angry and began to persecute him.  Jesus’ response was the focus of our study this morning, found in John 5:16-30.

Presented with a violation of the law, Jesus responded by telling the Pharisees who He is and who His Father is.  His words and His actions revealed several fulfillments of Old Testament prophecy of the Messiah.  Of all people, the Pharisees, who knew the Scriptures by heart, should have been able to see that this was the Christ, and yet they couldn’t.  It’s right there in the Scripture!  We are perplexed.

But for as much as we revile the Pharisees for their legalism and blindness (and the Jewish faith today for still not knowing their own Saviour), how often are they a mirror to our own hearts?  What truths are we not seeing, be it in our different churches and denominations, our understanding of who God is, or our understanding of who we are in Christ?